Saturday, September 13, 2008

Writing those Darn Articles a real Pain?

So if you are savvy to the workings of getting your site/product/name/links all over the internet, you are aware of how important having articles posted everywhere possible can be. But who the heck are the writers? Someone you hired at, what, 20 bucks an article? Maybe a few cheap ones that were pretty bad? Who knows better what you want to say and what market you want to reach than--well, YOU. But you say you don't know HOW to write an article.

Look, I got straight A's in English and grammar but there is just so much (shouldn't that be "so little"?) I can churn out when quantity is the goal.

Even writing a blog post can get a bit intimidating.....

Truthfully, and believe me when I tell you, the reason for this post is that I just came across something (look out, here comes that word I hate...) uh......amazing. There, I said it. After seeing that overworked word so often, it would take something truly.....*amazing*...for me to even use the word. But this time it fits.

Struggling to write yet another paragraph on a particular subject and make it sound fresh is a major obstacle to online business owners. You can't make money online if there aren't any links back to your ecommerce website. We know how important articles are to our business.

Well, today I found Instant Article Wizard and as skeptical as I am about automated systems (maybe not "skeptical" but certainly intimidated!), this one was well worth a look. So good, that I am buying it today and will keep you updated on what a useful and valuable tool this should become to me. You are encouraged to have a look at the demo videos here and be just as --amazed--as I was. Finally, something that really is worth so much more than the few little bucks being asked.

The name is just perfect, too---Instant Article Wizard..................and presto! You have the article written is as little a 8 minutes! I know, 'cause I watched them do it on the video.

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Kenny Ritchie said...

I'm getting where your coming from. I've purchased a lot of private label articles which do me pretty well. I tend to find do the job with a little twist now and again.

Looking forward to see your results in action. Some software can be a pain in the neck hope you've got something special.