Monday, September 29, 2008

Selling on the Internet--Who Knows What They Are Doing?

Okay, did you raise your hand? I recently read a thread on an internet marketing guru's blog and as clear as he was about the product he was launching, there were still comments posted that asked the very most elementary of questions--what is PPC, what is a thread, I am broke and have no credit card--can you help me make money? It would seem a bit pathetic at times but I applaud the ones who asked anyway. At least they are trying to better their situation.

But what if you don't know even the simplest, most taken for granted education we have in this medium of internet marketing, it is so very hard when you don't know and often very easy once you do know. Every day there is someone who wants to know what you already know. A character on TV made the comment that I found so simple but true: "The more you know, the more you don't know." Don't shake your head in confusion--say it a few times and really think about it.

It is at this point I am asking you to post your questions, no matter how elementary they may be to anyone else, and let's "get a thread going" on the subject of What is......

As a writer, it is tremendously important to know who to write for, who is the audience. Why write about subjects no one relates to or cares about. Post your questions so anyone can benefit from the answers.

Coming soon-- a glossary of internet terms for your reference. Ignorance is a word that has gotten a terrible rap---it simply means a "lack of knowledge". Don't ever be embarrassed by a lack of knowledge. Ask and you shall be educated.

Your comments are welcomed and encouraged...


Traffic Secrets said...

Its a great job that you have done here.

Keep up the good job


Lorna said...

So true. As a successful business coach it has become imperative that I learn all of this new language. Although I use the computer I had no idea of this total industry and the magnitude of it. So I have decided to start learning and thank you for this chance to learn more. My first site for one of my clients is and I would appreciate comments. So here's my question simple as it is. What does DNS mean?

Jay Russo said...

Lorna, DNS stands for"Domain Name System". IP addresses can be difficult for people to remember. For example, it's much easier to remember the domain name than it is to remember its IP address ( DNS allows you to connect to a website by using its domain name rather than its numerical IP address.
When you setup hosting for your site, your host will ask that you "point" your DNS setting to your website and will give you the address for you to change your DNS settings on your domain. The domain will now "point" to the website you have on their server.
Good question! Keep them coming!

Lorna said...

Thanks so much for info. I have tons of questions and I think that alot of them are really basic, but maybe if I ask them it will help someone else. I do appreciate the answer. New one for anyone, secret for keeping all of these accounts straight. I find it overwhelming when marketing my site all of the Other sites we have to network. I could be on this thing 24 /7. How does one assimilate all of this data? Also as a give back, any questions about business structure, stats etc. ask me and I'll pass along.

Jay Russo said...

If by "accounts" you mean your websites, typically your host(s) will list them for easy reference. My
Yahoo hosting
account lists my many(!) domains and the control panel of each. And my host at PappaShops makes it even easier to check my cpanel, admin and email for each website/domain.

Reed Floren said...


I just wanted to say thank you for sending Marissa, Zachary and myself those gifts, that was very thoughtful of you and when Marissa wakes up I will proudly display them for her. Thanks so much.

To your success,

Reed Floren

Lorna said...

Thanks for the info. It has come in handy.

Anonymous said...

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